Twitter Data Analysis Using Excel

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How it works:

1) Define your topics - Insert keywords related to your brand, to your product and to your market

2) Download the Excel workbook

3) Open the Excel workbook and refresh data

4) Navigate the different sheets in the downloaded dashboard, and discover how people talk about products and brands in your market - Different views are available, such as:

- Image profiles, for representing market attributes vs brands

- Treemaps, grouping different keywords in clusters

- Hourly volume trends, for timing decisions

- Many other views are available, such as share of voices charts

5) You can define your own dashboards and views: starting from the downloaded workbook, you can modify existing pivot table and charts. Or, you can create new workbooks and views, inserting new pivot tables and charts.

A Power Pivot data model is included in the workbook. You can select tens of fields from tweets data and metadata to be represented as rows, columns or filters in a pivot table.

Why using our Excel workbook for twitter analysis?

1) Because you already know Excel, and you don't have to learn using other tools

2) Because it is easy: no Excel plugin to instal

3) Because it is safe: no Excel macro to activate

4) Because you can say goodbye to cut and paste

5) Because our workbook includes a data model using all the power of the VertiPaq engine and DAX expressions

In the following video, a sample application on content marketing is presented

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